WISP Networks are Disaster Communications

WISP Emergency Communications Acton Team

WeCAT = Disaster Communications!

With all the independent fixed wireless providers (WISP) through out our nation, it is important to recognize them as the entrepreneurs of the Internet and an alternative resource for communications during times of Internet outages.  Most of these WISPs were the actual designers of the Internet …  And we have been told it was Al Gore!

The fixed wireless provider does not depend on the Telco lines for transmission, as they have their own independent networks, apart from the Internet. The only thing that they are dependent upon is power.  They have network operations centers (NOC) that can store servers.  These servers can host www sites that can actually be available when there is no Internet connectivity, through their intranet.

This type of communication is ‘old school’ but with a new platform that was once called bulletin board service, it can allow all clients connected to the WISP communications.  It will be a good way to check-in on ones neighbor,  get out timely information or just to provide information on how to deal with survival, in a time of need.

WeCAT will design a ‘standard’ for the WISP so that all independent WISP networks can maintain a bulletin board service without Internet connectivity on their own infrastructure and deliver ‘survival’ content to their end-user.   WeCAT is currently compiling this information on our site, so that it can be distributed to the WISP, so that they might distribute to their end-user via their intranet!

WeCAT = True disaster communications, designed and built by American entrepreneurs!