Alternative Energy
Alternative Energy

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Current thoughts on this are to avoid the likes of generators, solar power, wind power etc. as there are volumes of material already available. If someone wants to get into that, we can do so.
Our preference is more esoteric – shall we say, unconventional – in that there are machines that I know of, machines I have built and experimented with that are not necessarily conventionally powered (as in fuel, solar panels etc.) and with a bit more research can be used in various ways. Some of these (known to work) could easily be adapted to provide charging current for an erstwhile solar system, replacing the solar panels with something that’s more work but a lot less money (always a consideration).
There are also a number of other items that can be manufactured for energy savings and so forth. An example being a Tesla turbine pump or air mover, which is far more efficient than a standard pump or fan. Other topics could be such as water processing  of the type I currently use at my residence. The process is simple, inexpensive, easy to construct, does not require a well but can use any water source, and is virtually guaranteed to give you as much pure water as you need or want.

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