Ted Talks – Terrorism in America

Ted talks – Terrorism in America


Terrorism in America
Terrorism in America

This morning I was asked if I could come up with an article on Terrorism.

So, the three of us (me, myself, and I) sat down and pondered, and decided a walk ‘over the river and through the woods’ would be good, since that is my church. After much deliberation we decided I would do something that is usually not done, and forward my own specific conclusions, intuitions and connections of dots. From this little preamble, and the bit that follows, the Instigator can decide if I should continue or cease and desist, and delete. So here goes.

Articles on terrorism fall into categories. Some are apologist, denial, blame; others are hysterical, vicious, inflammatory: all are done by spinners in one form or another. They become apologetic: we can’t blame these people, since our own CIA and military has wrought so much harm to the Middle East and blah blah blah. Or they become hysterical: the whole world will become Islamic by force, and everything will be lost, blah blah blah.

In my mind, there is a third possibility, comes from several (many) sources, in connecting the dots. That is these terror organizations are a useful tool by a group of elitists (Royalty?) who opine that they are the ones who should be rulers of the world. Think about it: ISIS et al, and we can lump them all together, could be a formidable “Gestapo”, a fear police, used to suppress any and all thoughts of resistance to the Royalty, as has been done so many times past. In this case, then, it’s easy to state that those terror organizations themselves have been infiltrated by people who ‘steer’ them down desired paths. Turning terror loose on disorganized people will cause panic; in that panic, of course, the people turn to government for protection. We have precisely that in Europe now, where the ‘authorities’ are to give protection while the people watch their soccer games and accept without question the well-laid plans for propagandizing the situation. On one hand, they quiver in fear as the polizei and ambulances go by, sirens wailing, and on the other they assume protection will come, so they watch their damfool games and blithely think they and their government are helping “refugees” get away from the horror of ISIS or whatever.

Hogwash, all of it. Based on the spectacles of the past and the facts (that IS “fact”) of the last century, the whole thing has been engineered to be as it is. To get into all that would label me as a “conspiracy theorist”, I suppose, but there again, we have the connection of dots, and it dates back to the turn of the 19th century. The very same powers that existed then exist now, only much richer, and a different generation: if anything, they are more ferocious now with their greater wealth and power.

They lack two apparent things to bring the world under their ‘umbrella’: Putin and Russia, and the United States. In Russia, it’s not for the lack of trying, but Putin and his crew have uncovered their little plots, such as undermining of currency, accumulation of resources and so forth. In the US, they’re having greater success because of “the dumbing of America” and the liberal factions pushing what we’ll call a “blame generation”. The first has been in operation since JFK, and oddly enough, it is the liberal faction that harps on it so much, while being dumbed down themselves, unable to see larger pictures, unable to think, but voracious ‘accepters’. Anything the liberal establishment says will be swallowed hook, line and sinker. Here, it’s fun to call someone a ‘Redneck’ if that person disagrees with the party line, and to quote something I read not long ago, “All Rednecks are dumb”. To most reading this, that last will stick in your craw, and well it should, because you are the last hope this country has. The “blame generation” will blame you Rednecks for all the problems: they have been raised and brainwashed into believing that everything is someone else’s fault: they bear no responsibility for their own actions or lack thereof, and it’s okay to live from someone else’s efforts to better themselves. This in the name of that UN promised Utopia, where everyone is equal (except the Royalty, of course), no one is hungry etc etc, but any sane and reasonably intelligent person knows that isn’t going to happen.

And that brings me closer to ‘terrorism’. Now, I’ll post this for the perusal of the Great Motivator and will then know whether to continue or revise.

Since it appears that I should continue, I shall.

There have been, and will continue to be, oodles and oodles written on terrorism. What always seems to come to mind is someone or some crew entering a restaurant or theater or such and shooting up the place, or some package somehow delivered to a populated place and exploding. How often, I ask, is this the picture these days? This picture is pervasive; you’ll find it all over the news, or at least one aspect of it. Other aspects that don’t fit the overall agenda of terrorism are largely ignored. But we know all that.

It’s also a truism that a ton of stuff has been printed about how one should protect oneself against terror, and steps to take when in public, self defense and so on and so forth. It’s almost ridiculous to examine those things further. Some items should be addressed, because those are not common knowledge, and at least one I’d like to examine in more detail, but that goes into another column.

At this point regarding terrorism, I’d like to place a different definition of terrorism that is NOT usually printed, especially in the mainstream media. That definition is one that is provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation:
18 U.S.C. § 2331 defines “international terrorism” and “domestic terrorism” for purposes of Chapter 113B of the Code, entitled “Terrorism”:

“Domestic terrorism” means activities with the following three characteristics:

Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;
Appear intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination. or kidnapping; and
Occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S.

Make a mental note of the middle paragraph of the above definition; keep it in mind for a while.

How many readers remember a place in Idaho called ‘Ruby Ridge’? If you do, you should know the story, and the real story behind it. For those who don’t, Ruby Ridge was a “sting” operation engineered by the FBI to catch “illegal gun traffickers”, supposedly. The FBI conned the principal (Randy Weaver) into trying to sell a sawed off shotgun to the ‘traffickers’, the thing sort of got out of hand, and the FBI, with the aid of other federal agencies AND local sheriffs ended up surrounding Ruby Ridge where the Weaver family lived, eventually becoming trigger happy and killing and wounding people. There’s a lot in print about the deal; eventually the FBI and federal government was taken to task in court in Idaho and lost the case.

Another is Waco. Stories abound about Waco and a similar overreaction by the feds there, so I won’t go into that.

But these two incidents raise a point: by the FBI definition above, are these incidents realization of terrorism? If you think so, then the government is guilty of terrorism. If we take this a bit further, and into a less violent scenario (God, I hate that word, but it’s appropriate), and look into what the Bureau of Land Management, the EPA and FDA, to name a few, have been and are doing in the name of the government, is this also terrorism? The words are, “Appear intended (i to intimidate or coerce a civilian population”, yes? If the acts of federal agencies fit that description, which they do, then the federal government itself is a terrorist organization, making every effort to intimidate the population through threats of both physical and non-physical violence, such as individual economic ruin.

If you fear your own government, you are being terrorized. And by now, in writing this, I’m probably on someone else’s ‘list of domestic terrorists’. I don’t care; I’m old, and I’d rather get croaked while fighting for the republic. Now having vented that part, let’s continue.

We know, or should by now, how we can provide ourselves and others some protection against the violent terrorism (which is probably being used by the feds to facilitate socialism via the fear of violence). But how do we protect against the other form of terror? That’s much more difficult, simply because of the large percentage of people now who have fallen prey to the machinations of socialism. Lack of responsibility, education, common sense thinking and the like have been bred out of much of our population through silly government programs and the like. So we have a sheep-like herd of ignoramuses pretending to be the ‘elite’ minds, yet have no sense of responsibility for their own actions. This concept needs to be addressed, and soon, and the only way to do that is for those fitting the description of “Redneck”, “free-thinker” or other anti-socialist to become active within the system and stop the nonsense. In other words, rise up and make yourselves heard when something just isn’t right. With enough voices, we cannot be ignored, and there are recent examples of just that. With enough people in support of lawsuits against government agencies, we have the ability to stop those agencies.

There still is the threat of violent confrontation with those agencies. The administration has armed some of those agencies for no apparent reason, suggesting that the agencies are prepared for physical combat against the people of this country. In some areas, notable large cities and certain very liberal states, the non-elected local law enforcement has been converted into small armies to control the people, at least to some degree. A result of this was seen during the 1992 riots in Los Angeles, which were apparently encouraged (by lack of action) to continue destruction. This incident was also indicative of the power of the people’s will. For those unfamiliar (most), a trucker was making way through the riot-riddled area, got stopped, pulled from his truck and thoroughly beaten by the rioters. Police did nothing; media (naturally) blamed the trucker, and so on. When news of this got around, us Rednecks headed to Los Angeles. I was headed east through Oklahoma when the CB lit up, and it seemed like every big truck in the nation turned and headed west. I recall someone complaining that the cops in L.A. had guns and we shouldn’t go there. There was a silence for a few seconds, and someone keyed up and said, “So do we, boy. So do we.” Big trucks descended on L.A., hell was about to break loose, dispatchers were screaming, nothing was being delivered, and the LAPD actually did something to stop the rioting. I don’t know if anyone was ever prosecuted for the beating, but the rioting died off fairly quickly with 5,000 big trucks surrounding the city, and God only knows how many guns with them.
There is one final aspect to all this that has recently reared its ugly head: Acquisition of materials for use in improvised munitions. Over the past couple months there have been acquisitions most of you are aware of. All those things can be used, and most of you are by now aware of that also.

from the “Improvised Munitions” field manual (paraphrased): obtain materials for improvised munitions from different sources at different times so these do not appear to be immediately connected. In other words, patience is paramount. Don’t buy matches and petroleum jelly and such all in one place at one time. ISIS et al have had instruction by certain intelligence agencies, and the mentioned field manual was written by the same agency.

The time is ripe here in the good ole USA, with the liberal fanatics freely roaming, government suppression, and big money financing. I’ll leave with that old saying, “Heads up, people”, and don’t dismiss ANY oddball activity that you think is suspect.


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