HAM Communications

HAM Comms
HAM Comms

Group description:

Communications is an important item for day to day activities but in a group like this it is much more important because incorrect information can be more that just a little awkward. We must be able to contact each other in all ways that are useful to us.

We will be working on the HAM radio part of this. We will be covering a large area and it will take many of us to get this fine tuned to work as needed. We will be needing help from certain key people that we will contact with the purpose of being on this committee.

We need talented and dedicated Patriots to be part of this committee. There are 3 types of radio equipment that HAMs use: Portable, mobile and fixed.

Portable is a hand held unit which everyone needs to look at owning.

Mobile is what you would have in your vehicle.

Fixed would be the equipment that is located at your home..

We will first get everyone on course to obtaining their HAM license and a portable radio.

We must take this a step at time so that all money and effort is not wasted

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