Community Preparedness

I once took an oath in my younger days.  An oath that meant more than my own self indulgence.  A pact between the people of this beautiful country and I.  But before I took this oath, I walked alone in a world looking for guidance.  Never could I have predicted what was in store for me.
Ignorance was my only foe as so to speak.  That one enemy I could seem never to defeat.  A problem child in a problematical world, searching for my “right of way”, I guess is the way to describe it.  So many struggles that I, and many other alike, are never prepared to handle mentally. November 2, 2006, changed my whole mentality.
One year later, almost to the date exactly, I found myself on my way to what many soldiers refer to as “THE SUCK”.  As i stepped off the plane, scared out of my wits, I was far from prepared for this. Strangely, the more time I spent there, the more comfortable I was in this “strange land” aka, Iraq I built a bond with men that were multicultural in all aspects.  We were not black, white, yellow etc. We were all family, fighting side by side. Suddenly I found myself.  I became proud, heroic, fearless, and most of all I became a part of band of brothers.  I finally understood what that oath really meant. Before I just said those words because I had to memorize it.
I stand now and I am ready and willing to die for my county and the brothers and sisters to the left and right of me, regardless of what crosses my path.  I am ready, I’ve studied my enemies, I’ve studied myself.  I am an American true to my soul!
Life itself comes in all directions.  Most of which are unexpected events that occur over long periods of time.  Time defines us into our character of who we are today.  If we come together we can overcome whatever obstacles that may be before us.  We can accomplish anything.
Preparedness is everything when it comes to life in retrospective. You come to appreciate those little things in life that many take for granted.  Prepare yourselves for whatever may happen. Some have the heart but few have the will.  You do what you have to do in order to survive.  We must adapt to our environment, and over come.

“For the people, by the people.  Together we stand tall. We must stand for something or we’ll die for nothing. “


We The People – Committees of Safety

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