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Are they going to crash the Internet?

Imagine this scenario, it is the Friday September 30th and the Obama administration is handing over the DNS zone files of the Internet from ICANN to the U.N. What could go wrong?

In speaking with several Network Administrators, maybe nothing, but maybe everything.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers basically translates IP (Internet Protocol)  addresses into domain names for their Domain Name System (DNS).

So if one had a domain it would also have a numerical IP address that would be associated, i.e., =

This move has been planned for years, so it comes as no surprise that it is being moved outside of the U.S., but what is surprising is the fact that the U.N. is taking control of the ICANN DNS, as the U.N. was never in the equation!

This move, in itself, does not have anything to do with our First Amendment that is an unalienable right and cannot be taken from us. It was bestowed on us by our founders through our Constitution. However it might with certain domain extensions, as I have explained in this article.

The answer to the U.N. takeover of the Internet is the .US!

Interestingly, after I published the above article on my website, I had a unique visitor, almost immediately after it was published as shown below.



Why would JP Morgan be visiting this article, not once but twice?  The article had just been published and did not have time to propagate in web search engines, it normally happens over a few hours or overnight. In other words Google did not have time to index so it was not searchable.

This is almost as interesting as learning that the Department of Homeland Security is considering overseeing our upcoming presidential election!

Another notable incident that is happening on that very same night is that China’s renminbi is being added to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) SDR (Special Drawing Rights) along with the euro, yen, dollar, and pound.  While the addition of the renminbi is not a reason for financial markets to crash, it is a consideration as China has stated that they will be backing their currency in Gold and will not exchange their currency for dollars. Whereas our USD is the petrodollar reserve currency and  is a fiat currency.

Imagine waking up on Saturday morning, October 1st and because of some, I am being told unlikely,  snafu because of the ICANN transfer; the entire Internet is not accessible. Whereas the only news available is from the, propagandized, main stream media!  And we have a new global currency to boot! That is a morning I do not want to wake to!

Has your WISP got your back?

WISPS get your Intranet ready!

One thing is for sure, I will be brushing up on my HAM radio skills in the next few weeks!

Tori Proffer