Boots on the Ground

Boots on the ground
Boots on the ground

Group Description:

Mission of “Boots On The Ground” Committee:

To coordinate with Missouri militia units and to provide logistical, training and operational support.

To accomplish this, I envision us setting up a command element with the standard shops a division headquarters would have:

S/G-1: Administration
S/G-2: Intelligence
S/G-3: Operations/Training
S/G-4: Logistics, including Community and Transportation
G-5: Civil Affairs, including Public Affairs/Media Relations

2 thoughts on “Boots on the Ground”

  1. You say your purpose is to coordinate with the Missouri Militia.
    Who are you ? I’m the XO of the Missouri Militia and neither I or The CO have heard of you until now.
    Maybe we should talk.
    LtC Jim Youchoff

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