Standing at Standing Rock

Pam Arthur the owner of Preparedness Now and contributor to WECAT has spent the last month at Standing Rock, North Dakota.  She does not stand as a protestor, but as a protector of life, as she is a combat medic who has worked with special forces.  She is a certified EMT (South Metro, Raymore, Missouri), state examiner, and instructor specializing in disaster preparedness, and she hosted the radio show “Preparedness Now” for seventeen years.

fb_img_1478072602993She initially arrived at Standing Rock in October, where she witnessed approximately 350 protesters, stayed for a week and assessed the situation.  She returned home, to the Missouri – Kansas City area, gathered her gear and then returned on November 11th when the number of protesters had swollen to over five thousand.


She based her headquarters at Oceti Sakowin Camp – Seven Council Fires, which is a one hour drive to the nearest city – Mandan, N.D.

screenshot_20161120-203722The initial complaints were blunt traumas, pepperspray burns and PTSD.  Those complaints grew as the elements changed to include dysentery, pinkeye, bronchitis, pneumonia and two live child births!

The weather has drastically changed with the arctic winds blowing at -30*.

fb_img_1480476574053The camp has had many visitors from members of Black Lives Matter, Jessie Jackson, Jane Fonda, Bobby Kennedy Jr., and Wesley Clark Jr.

While Pam Aruther is not concerned, politically, she is concerned about the ‘human element‘ and their safety.  Already thousands have been evacuated. However now that the snows are set in, traveling is dangerous and ill advised

Now that the issue of the ‘pipeline’ has been stayed, we hope our friend Pam Arthur makes her way back to the Show Me state, where she is appreciated for her community service! Thank you Pam for all you do!

Pam Arthur - Preparedness Now
Pam Arthur – Preparedness Now

~Tori Proffer

WISPs — Build it, They will come!

Recently, I have made valid points, in stating that the WISP has, within their network, a private network called the Intranet.  In making those statements I have been contacted by many potential ‘end-users‘ of WISP services.  I have directed them to the WISPA – Find a WISP and to FIND FIXED WIRELESS INTERNET.

People are concerned and I believe they have a right to be.  Everyday we get more dependent on our tether to the ‘Net, but what happens when it fails?

In thinking about the Intranet, I realize that ‘us’ pioneers got it wrong when we started building the Internet, as we should have started locally with an Intranet. It makes much more sense for interconnectivity with a complete redundant path. And we all know ‘redundancy‘ is the key to the Internet.

And the fact remains that the WISP Intranet would be one of the best disaster communications that we could have.

Building an Intranet is not a huge imposition for the WISP, as it is already built on their private IP scheme!  It is simply a matter of adding a www server and BBS service and letting your subs know how to access.

Look at the other side of this issue, if the Internet handoff to the U.N. comes with no issues, all the better. But what if it doesn’t and your subs realize that you could have helped out your local community?

WECAT is glad to help the WISP get the word out! Once the WISP has this in place, we will help you advertise your service by posting on our site with a free listing!  What has the WISP got to lose, except for a few hours of programming, and a www server and bulletin board service and maybe some sort of caching device as well.  While it is not a major effort on the WISP end, it would, certainly benefit their community!

There was a time, in my WISP career, that we considered the WISP to be an ‘American Hero … let’s remember those days and live up to that claim!

Just think how many lives could have been saved during Katrina, had they had an Intranet!

Tori Proffer

We The People – Committees of Safety

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